Toothpick and Buds Organizer

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Pink, Green, Black, White

High(With cover):8.4CM/3.3"
Diameter(With cover):8.1CM3.1"
High(Without cover):6.2CM/2.4"
Diameter(Without cover):7.5CM/2.9"

1.Lotus means peace, happiness, and purity.
2.Easy to clean. Clean easily with mild soap and warm water.
3.Especially designed to reckon the form of a lotus leisurely rest on the rock, the lotus cotton bud holder is hygienic as well as being chic which could be decoratively placed on the dressing table, in the bathroom, etc.
4.It would perch out as if they are the pollen of the lotus for a fresh touch since the cotton bud inside.
5.Both decorative and functional, this holder will add more style to your home.
6. the base is made of ABS material, very specific resistance to fall performance, high-quality TPE petals without odor, good health, good safety, transparent PC cover can be dustproof and anti wet.
7.Toothpicks and cotton buds are not included.

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