Slippers And Towel Organizer

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BEWARE  of IMITATION OR COPYCAT that only using double-sided tape.


  • Inventive & Unique Folding Design
  • Three-in-one Folding slippers Rack
  • A Bathroom Slippers Rack
  • Multi-functional Organizer Rack for Towel, Washcloth, Hangers, Clothes, etc. 
  • Magic Acrylic Adhesive Included
  • Eco-friendly & Durable Material  ( ABS plastic )
  • Easy to be installed and used

    Warm Tips:

    1. Clean the surface with a clean towel, make sure the surface is smooth and clean before sticking the slippers rack;  
    2. Make sure you have chosen the right position for this slippers rack before you finally stick it to the smooth surface, as this adhesive tape is very sticky on the "smooth" surface; Take note Smooth surface not rough surface ok, make sure no bumps and not ROUGH. 
      How to Install: 

      Steps how to install properly: 

      Step 1: 
                      Strong and Non-marking before installation. Clean the flat surface or wall with a dry towel. Avoid uneven walls, rough or bumpy surfaces. Please make sure, NOT ROUGH.

      Step 2: 
                    Tear the protective film of the adhesive tape, as shown in the picture.

      Step 3: 
                  Stick the adhesive tape to the surface or wall and squeeze out the bubbles.

      Step 4: 
                  Insert the back of slippers rack on the buckle 

      Step 5: 
                  Press the slippers rack down into card slot.

      Step 6: 
                 Before using please let stand for about 12 hours, so that the adhesive tape will work well and strong to hold.

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