MineralStone Showerheads

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Handheld Shower Head with ON/OFF Pause Switch 3-settings Water Saving Shower Head Laser perforated tech Saving water and increase pressure.

✓ The switch design makes your shower more comfortable, the push button is designed based on this concept

✓ Microperforated laser function with technology saves water and increases pressure

✓ Smoother skin, Help reduce oil secretion, Help increase the viability of cells, improve cleansing and Help prevent hair loss

✓Lightweight and durable, removable design, suitable for men, women, children, and pets ✓ Easy installation, this shower head is very easy to install simply by screwing it to a shower hose

Type: Hand Shower Shower Head 3 Modes: Precipitation / Jetting / Massage Material: Eco-Friendly PC Materials +Stainless Steel

3 Mode Function: Mode 1 - Jetting- concentrated water, deep cleaning Mode 2 - Rainfall- divergent water, cover the whole body Mode 3 - Massage- water-intensive, invigorating shower Easy installation G1/2 interface adjust all international standard family hose

Cleaning Procedures:

1. If using deep well water please clean it often. it's faster to clog the showerheads due to algae and dirt.

2. All parts are detachable so that you can clean it when clog persists. Use a brush or toothbrush to clean the screen filter in the middle and bottom.

3. Remove the Mineral Stones and rub it with two palms in a bowl or shallow container to remove filtered dirt, sediments, algae, etc..

4. The head screen or plate must also need to clean it well. 

5. This is high cleaning maintenance if no time or busy to clean it,  don't buy this item.

6. Please clean all the parts inside and out.

7. The design was made detachable for easy cleaning. The old design shower like this when its clog it cant be clean you need to throw it away, it will cost a lot of money for buying and buying again. 

Designed and Made in Japan.

Shower Filter Benefits – How It Will Improve Your Hair, Skin And Much More
  • Softer Skin. Hard water makes many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin worse. ...
  • Shiny Hair. Unfiltered water can be bad for your locks. ...
  • Less Chlorine. ...
  • Cleaner water
    Promotes Negative ions to help hormonal imbalance.

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