Lucky Pearl 100% Authentic

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Only nature could create such a perfect unique gift- Great holiday gift natural Love Wish Pearl Kit with Butterfly pendant. We are very pleased to introduce our hottest item; love pearls and wish pearls which are selling very well all over the world. Since they are a unique gift and creative gift, they can be sent to lovers, friends, and family. Whoever receives them will be surprised, because it is a gift that best expresses genuine love. 
The necklace is made of copper with shiny rhodium plating. 
Colors of unique gift wish pearls: 
1) White: wisdom 
2) Cream: success 
3) Peach: for health 
4) Lavender: wealth 
5) black: 
1) Liftoff the lid of the can 
2) Open up the pearl mussel using the enclosed plastic key, to reveal your special pearl 
3) Open the pendant (it is hinged on the bottom), place your pearl in the pendant and close it 
4) Thread the chain through both loops at once to keep your pearl locked in the pendant Inner 
❤️WHITE PEARL: For Health 
❤️GOLDEN PEARL: For Wealth 
❤️PEACH PEARL: For Love 
❤️CREAM PEARL: For Happiness 
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