Japan Fashion Massage Slippers

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Why so expensive compare from biggest online mall or Online shop.

1. The product raw materials used is new and from japan.
2. We are the 1st and the original since 2017 
3. Raw materials is new not like the cheapest one out there is made of recycled rubber and plastic waste. 
4. Good quality
5. Presentable with shoe pouch
6. We accept return and replacement hassle free. 


Japan Materials used, Non-Slip, Hard wearing, Cobblestone textured sole. Non-slip materials increase friction with the ground. The soft sole and professional massage. the pressure of the massage is not necessarily painful. Good feel toe area massage, heel area massage, and arch area massage. it's a new generation of slippers that can help us relax and feels good.

From, Thailand Company Manufacturer and Supplier. 

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#Soft massage granules
#More comfortable 
#No Added Phosphor
#Environmental friendly 
#Harmless and Odorless  
For bulk orders please message us via messenger for the discount.
Please see the photos at the bottom.



Shoe Size / US   Women Shoe Size men
US Size Men
36-37 / US 5- 5.5
Cm 22-23 
 Unisex Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Light Grey, and Dark Gray

38-39 / US  6- 6.5
Cm 24-24.5 cm
41 7.5
cm 25.5
40-41 / US 7-7.5
42 / US 8
Cm 26
Women's colors:  light Pink, Dark Pink, Violet. Sky blue
43 / US 9
cm 26.5

44 / US 10
Cm 27

45 / US 11
Cm 27.5


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