Foot Bath Brush

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The bottom of the non-slide bar reduces the need for awkward bending or stretching in the shower or bath, suitable for all members of the family, Mom, Dad, Granpa, Grandma, Brother, and Sisters.
More than 1,000 high-quality insoles with soft brush provide a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Cleaning the area between the toes which is difficult to reach.
Drizzle shower and shampoo through the top of the hole, you will soon be able to enjoy the soothing foam.
Suitable for children and adults, suitable for any kind of shape and size of the foot.
Stick to almost any surface; you can even use it to your bathroom wall, bathtub or on the floor. 

Quality is the first with the best service.

1. Foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging feet when shower.
2. Features a gentle inner brush to massage the tender sole, while stiffer outer bristles, smooth rough skin, and calluses, and stimulate circulation.
3. The brush contains fungicide component, natural and environmental protection
4. According to the foot shape design, more humane, it fits very well.

5. Bottom suction cup design, closely adsorbed on the ground, can massage.
6. Hanging design can save more space.

Size: 36x23x6.5cm/14.17x9.06x2.56"
Gross weight: 605g
Material: Silicone Plastic
Color: Blue and Pink


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