Fabric Lint Remover

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  • Makes clothes and fabrics look new again
  • Revives old blankets, sweaters, dresses, gloves and much more!
  • Visible results - removable, see-through lint trap
  • Rotary action safety blades
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Great for soft furnishings
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
    Shaves off bobble leaving your woolens smooth and revived''

Don't bin your favorite cardi yet! Give tired, worn jumpers and scarves a new lease of life with this handy hand-held lint remover. Bobble Off's protected blades rotate to clean away unsightly lines, bobbles and fuzzies with ease. Just glide over worn areas to eliminate the unwanted fibers that ruin the look of your clothes.

The adjustable head means you can use Bobble Off on all types of clothing. It also works all around the home, and won't damage your fabrics. Use it on cushions, curtains - even carpets! The removable see-through lint trap even lets you see how well it's working. Bobble Off f means you can help save yourself money by reviving your fabrics and making your favorite clothes look brand new again.

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